Bounded Context Canvas V5 released

Bounded Context Canvas

The impressive DDD-Crew provides Version #5 of the Bounded Context Canvas . A great collaborative tool for designing, documenting and discussion of a single bounded context.

What’s new?

With version 5 of the Bounded Context Canvas a few changes. Mostly smaller ones but really helpful in your daily work. 😀

Description was renamed to Purpose

The previous called “Description” was renamed to “Purpose”.

Field “Assumptions” added

You make any assumption during creating of the Bounded Context Canvas, make them explicit! Write them down and use the new field.

Field “Verification Metrics” added

You love the build-measure-learn principle from the Lean community? Now you have a field to place your Verification Metrics, use the metrics to (in)valid assumptions.

Field “Open Questions” added

Still open questions? Now you have a specific field to put them.