Event-Driven Architectures on Azure - done right @ Azure Bootcamp Switzerland

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This month i held my talk about Event-Driven Architectures (EDAs) @ Azure Bootcamp Switzerland. It was really a joy and a pleasure to get the opportunity to do this talk.

Event-Driven architectures (EDA) are becoming increasingly popular as a way to build scalable, responsive, and resilient systems.

In this talk, we will explore the benefits of EDA and how to implement it on Azure. It will cover key concepts of EDA, such as Event Sourcing, CQRS, Event-based communication, event-driven data processing and its matching services on Azure (e.g. Event Grid, Event Hub, Service-Bus, Functions). Additionally, we will introduce best practices for designing, implementing and testing EDA on Azure.

By the end of this talk, all attendees will have an overview of possibilities with EDA’s on Azure, pitfalls and best practices related. Also, they will have a starting point to apply this knowledge to their own projects.

Download the slides from this link.

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